Are you looking for the formula to success?

Then get the hell out of here, because I don’t have it.

And if I had it, I would be too busy being successful instead of teaching others how to be successful.

However, I have these insights about some aspects of success that you may find interesting:

Davidson Paulo Isn't it easy to create a team do develop websites? featured image

Isn’t it easy to create a team to develop websites?

Last week, I answered one question from Hessam Shekhasany about the benefits of working as a freelancer instead of getting a regular job. Today, I answer his second question, about creating a team to develop websites instead of working alone. Here’s the video, and next is my answer. Work is a commodity, you can hire… [read more]

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Davidson Paulo Can self-confidence be improved, or is there nothing that can be done about it? featured image
Davidson Paulo I don't have a product to sell, what should I do
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