Do not do what you love. Do this instead...

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the expression “do what you love”, because it’s too romantic.

It gives the idea that you should only do something that gives you pleasure 100% of the time. But that is the definition of fun, not work.

Work is work, and no matter how enjoyable your career may be, you’ll have to do stuff you don’t like.

That’s why I prefer the following expression:

Do something that interests you

Pay attention to what you’re doing every day. What does your free time look like when you exclude leisure?

I know people that write software just for fun. If you’re not writing software just for fun during your free time, you shouldn’t think about becoming a software developer.

If you’re not drawing for fun during your free time, don’t become a professional artist.

I did this exercise myself. I started paying attention to what I did in my free time, and here’s what I found:

I never spend any time designing websites for fun

I don’t follow other web designers on social media either. Also, I don’t read articles nor do I even watch videos about web designing when I have free time.

Instead, here’s what I do: I solve math problems, watch videos about how to make stuff, read articles and books that explain how things work, and organize free marketing presentations to teach others about it on free Skype calls.

I literally get on Skype calls and charge nothing to help people with their marketing strategies. Who does that?

I do.

Designing websites was never a go-to plan for me. It has always been my Plan B. Now that I’ve made the money I needed to make with it, it’s time to go for plan A.

If you ever wondered how is it possible to change a career, I’ll teach you how as the weeks go by. Every week, I’ll be teaching you how I do it in a different blog.

It’s not impossible. I’ve done it before—and hey—I’m still alive. Just watch and learn.

Don’t forget to follow your dreams.

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