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Websites And Business Persuasion

What do you need?


Still don’t have a website for your business? Let’s build it! Already have a website but you not in love with it? Let’s fix that. I’ll make a website that will make you feel proud.

Business Persuasion

Having trouble using the internet to get [and keep!] customers? People won’t make business with you unless you persuade them to do so. Ask me how!

Wanna check my work?

Davidson Paulo responsive set for You Travel In Style

You Travel In Style
Airport Luxury Transfers
Brighton, England

Davidson Paulo responsive set D3 Home Solutions

D3 Home Solutions
We Buy Your House FAST!
Chicago, USA

Davidson Paulo responsive set Key Tov Orchestra

KeyTov Orchestra
World-Class Jewish Music
Chicago, USA

Davidson Paulo responsive set Robert J Nicpon

Robert J. Nicpon Productions
Disc Jockeys, Lighting and Décor
Chicago, USA

Why choose me?

Tell me: is this you?

  • I have a business to run. I can’t spend my valuable time thinking about stuff like design and programming.
  • My customers need to find my website attractive and easy to use or else I’ll lose money.
  • It’s my way or the highway.
  • I want to be so proud of my website that I’ll feel compelled to show it to all the people I know.
  • I want to work with someone who understand what I say and tells me stuff I can understand.

Then I’m your man.

Stalk me!

You can’t trust someone you don’t know, right? If you want to know me better before getting in touch and asking for a quote, here is a list of some links with personal and professional information, as well as some projects I’m involved with.

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